UCape Town

Director Rüdiger C. Laugksch

Associate Professor, Director of School of Education

Research Interests: Scientific literacy or public understanding of science, science teacher development and training at in-service level, policy issues related to the provision of teaching and learning in the natural sciences, teaching and learning in Biology.

Pam Christie
Professor, School of Education

Engaged in 2012 INEI Conference
Email: Pam.Christie@uct.ac.za

Research Interest: sociology of education; education policy; school organization and change; ethics and social justice in education.

Dick Ng’ Ambi
Associate Professor
Email: dick.ngambi@uct.ac.za

Research: Mobile learning, emerging technologies, emerging digital practices, social learning, online learning, knowledge production, and Open Education Resources (OER).

Karin Murris

Associate Professor
Email: karin.murris@uct.ac.za

Research: Post-humanism/relational materialism, Philosophy of Education, Philosophy with Children, Childhood Studies, Early Childhood Education, Reggio Emilia, Early Literacy, Children’s Literature/Picture books, School Ethics.

2011 Ursula Hoadley
Ursula Hoadley
Associate Professor, School of Education
Engaged in 2011 INEI Conference

Research Interests: Curriculum, teachers work and the sociological study of pedagogy.