Professor Yingjie Wang

Dr. Yingjie Wang is a professor of comparative education in IICE. He received his PhD in Education from BNU and was a visiting scholar at Stanford University (1980-1982), visiting professor at Vermont University (1988-1989), and Fulbright research scholar at Harvard University (1991-1992). He was the director of the Institute of International and Comparative Education at Beijing Normal University (1991-1995), dean of the School of Education at the University of Macao (1993-1995) and vice-president of Beijing Normal University (1995-1999).

His main research interests are comparative education, higher education and education policy analysis. He is now the chairman of the China Comparative Education Society. He also serves as the convener of the State Council Academic Degree Committee’s evaluation group for education. Professor Wang was also involved in many national research projects, such as Research on the Evaluation of Creativity in Universities sponsored by MOE. His publications include The Development and Reform of American Higher Education, Compulsory Education of Developing Countries in Asia, Innovative University Education from an International Perspective, The Formation and Development of World-class Universities. Among them, The Formation and Development of World-class Universities was awarded the first prize of the 11th Beijing Outstanding Award in Philosophy and Social Sciences and the first prize of the 4th National Outstanding Award in Educational Science.