International Network of Education Institutions

2018 Summer School

Beijing Normal University

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Program Introduction

The International Network of Education Institutions (INEI) consists of nine leading educational institutions including the University of Melbourne (Australia), University of São Paulo (Brazil), Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (Canada), Beijing Normal University (China), National Institute of Education (Singapore), University of Cape Town (South Africa), Seoul National University (South Korea), University College London Institute of Education (UK), and the University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA). INEI sets it mission to make impacts on policy decisions, influences funding and inspires research and interventions that have a meaningful impact on education locally and globally. As an endeavor to build a cross-cultural platform for meaningful intellectual dialogue, the second INEI Summer School will be held in Beijing Normal University from July 8th to 15th, 2018. We sincerely invite you to recommend outstanding undergraduate and graduate students to take part in our program.


Program Theme

Re-envisioning Globalization, Regionalization and Localization in Education and Society

Since the turn of the 21st century, the world has witnessed unstoppable force of globalization and the landscape of education has been changed ever since. However within the inevitable movement of globalization, there are some recent trends that are just as worth notice. From the Brexit and the surprisingly election of Donald Trump as the United States president, to the French President Emmanuel Macron’s promise to reinvigorate the European Union, different forces of regionalization and localization have intertwined with globalization, together continuing shaping our rapid changing world. Thus as faculty and administrators in education institutes, we felt it is our responsibility to prepare ourselves with fresh perspectives toward the changing world, so we could empower our future generations to make a better world than the one bequeathed to them.


We will feature a set of highlighted keynotes and workshops around the theme:

-Re-envisioning Development and Innovation in global education

-Re-envisioning Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

-Re-envisioning Chinese culture and society


How to Apply

  1. Student Application Criteria
  • Applicants must be last-year undergraduate student, or first-year graduate student (Master or PhD) currently enrolled in an INEI partner institute.
  • Major in education and its related disciplines.
  • Language requirement: English speaking countries, OR, Non-English speaking countries must submit a TOEFL (85), IELTS (6.5) If you do not have either one, please apply for oral proficiency interview, which will be arranged around Mar.24th, 2018.
  • Preferred (but not required) students who have strong interest in applying for Master or Doctor Degree in China in the future. (Students can apply for Chinese Government Scholarship funded by the China Scholarship Council. The scholarship shall cover tuition and living expense for degree-seeking study in China.)


  1. b) Application Procedure

Each INEI partner institute could recommend up to two students to attend 2018 Summer School. Recommendation lists shall be sent to Ms. Zhaole CAO by the Dean or Associate Dean in each school.

Nominated applicants should send documents with subject title“2018 INEI Summer School Application” to, include:

  • Curriculum Vitae, including education experience, research experience, publications, working experience, courses taken, and etc.
  • Personal Statement (See Appendix).
  • One recommendation letter.
  • Official Certificate of Enrollment at current educational institution.
  • Language Proficiency Proof. (English speaking countries submit scanned copy of passport; Non-English speaking countries submit scanning copy of language certificate according to the language requirement or a letter to apply for oral proficiency interview).
  • One scanned copy of passport bio page.

Note: All documents must be in English or Chinese. If they are in other languages, notarized copy in Chinese or English must be provided.


  1. c) Review Process and Admission Decision

The 2018 INEI Summer School Admission Committee of Beijing Normal University will review all of the materials submitted by applicants, please see the timetable below:





Nov. 1th, 2017

Summer School Information Announced

Nov. 15th—Dec. 31 st, 2017

Students consult and prepare for application

Dec.15th, 2017—Mar. 19th, 2018

Send application materials

Mar. 19th, 2018

Deadline for Application

No late applications will be accepted

Mar. 20th, 2018—Mar. 24th, 2018

Review materials and oral proficiency interview

Admission Committee review; interview (online)

Mar. 27th—Mar. 30th, 2018

Send admission announcement

Apr., 2018

Students Apply for Visa (recommend as early as possible)

Jun. 1st, 2018

Start travel arrangements



One of two admitted international student from each INEI partner institute will receive full funding for:

  • Round trip international flight tickets (arranged and booked by program).
  • Summer School tuition (study materials, lectures, and etc.).
  • Accommodation and meals (arranged and booked by program).
  • Local transportation and school visits (arranged and booked by program).
  • Ping‘an International students Insurance (Mainly including accident and critical illness coverages)

The other admitted international student needs to pay for round trip international flight tickets by themselves. Summer School tuition, accommodation and meals, Ping‘an International students Insurance, local transportation and visiting fee will be funded by the Summer School.


2018 INEI Summer School Admission Committee has full discretion on merit-base decisions on which applicants shall receive full funding to attend INEI Summer School.



  • Visa /Passport fee.
  • Overweight baggage charge (if you have).
  • Correspondence and phone bill.
  • Excursions and other personal expenses.


Course Schedule

  • Location: Beijing Normal University.
  • Time: Students arriving on July 8th, leaving on July 15th.
  • Faculty: 2018 Summer School will be co-taught by faculty members from Beijing Normal Universities and other INEI institutes who are interested in globalization and higher education, comparative education and education policy etc. Invitation for teaching in 2018

Summer School will be sent separately.

A detailed course syllabus and local school visit arrangement will send to students when getting admitted to the program.

Date and Time


Course Study

Visit & Fieldwork



























Local International

School Visit


Note: Theme1: Internationalization of Education (IE). Theme2: Development of Education in China (DEC).

Theme3: Chinese Art and Culture (CAC).


Credit and Transcript

Students who successfully finished 2018 INEI Summer School will receive an official 3-credit transcript (Pass/Failed) issued by Beijing Normal University.



Project Assistant Ms. Zhaole CAO

The Institute of Higher Education, Faculty of Education, Beijing Normal University.

Address: Yingdong Building 850, No. 19 Xinjiekouwai Street, Haidian District, Beijing, China, 100875