INEI 2018 Symposium Call for Proposal

November 20-22, 2018

Beijing Normal University, China


I. Symposium Theme

Cultivating Core Competences in a Changing Technological Society


21st century observes societal reforms that leap forward at fullest speed in human history. It also witnesses technology revolutions that push back mankind boundaries on a daily basis. In this rapid changing era, education itself is facing various grand challenges, one of which is raised by the question of what kind of students we wish to prepare for the future, especially the core competences we are obligated to cultivate in our students in response to the quick and convenient ways of grasping knowledge, thanks to new technologies. During the INEI 2018 symposium at BNU, scholars from different countries will get together and discuss what the core competences in a changing technological society are, and as educators, in what ways we should cultivate them.





II. Tentative Symposium Program

Nov. 20 Invited Keynotes

Nov. 21 Thematic Presentations

Nov. 22 Business Meeting


III. Proposal Submission

Submission Deadline: September 16, 2018 (No late submission will be accepted)

Letter of Acceptance will be sent on early October

Please submit through our portal 


IIII. Registration Information

No registration fee. Please register through here


V. Accommodation Recommendation 

We strongly suggest symposium participants to book accommodations at your earliest convenience, as there are multiple international conferences been held on campus during November. 

Recommendation List


VI. Contact 

Shall you have any question regarding the symposium, and travel arrangement, please do no hesitate to contact Ms. Chen Wang, Secretary of INEI Administrative Home at