Dean Jim Watterston

Research Interests: School leadership

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John Polesel
Engaged in 2011 INEI Conference
Research Interests: Secondary curriculum; School structures and provision; Outcomes of schooling; Education policy, administration and management; Education and training structures and policy; European systems; History; Comparative education; Post-school destinations; Curriculum; Equity; Sociology of education

Fazal Rizvi
Email: Research: Globalization and the internationalization of higher education (HE);  Global mobility and education policy;  Policy shifts in HE in the Asia-Pacific; Reform in Indian HE; Globalization of economy and culture and its implications for education policy; Identity, culture and difference in education; Ethnicity, racism and multiculturalism as an educational policy

John Hattie
Professor and —Director of the Melbourne Education Research Institute
Research Interests: Measurement models and their applications to educational problems (Including item response models, structural equation modelling, measurement theory and meta-analysis); Performance indicators and evaluation, self-concept, models of teaching and learning and educational psychology; Psychometric and measurement; Models of teaching and learning; Research design and evaluation

Dianne Chambers_0
Dianne Chambers
Engaged in 2009 INEI Conference

Research Interests: Education for Sustainability; Educational technology and media; Multimedia design; Online learning; Teacher education: Primary; Use of IT in education; Problem-based learning; Leadership

Professor Chair of Teacher Education and Director of Learning and
Research Interests: Education Policy; Pedagogy/Quality Teaching; Student Learning; Educational leadership, organizational change; Professional Teaching/Leadership Standards; Teacher Education; Teachers’ Professional Development
Joseph Lo Bianco
 Professor of Language and Literacy Education 
Engaged in 2010 INEI Conference
Research Interests: Facilitation; Peace and Social Cohesion dialogues; Education policy; Bilingual education, immigrant and indigenous; Curriculum studies: Other social sciences and humanities; Languages and multiculturalism and literacy; English as a second language; International English; Multilingualism and cultural diversity in education; Asian Studies and Australian Education; Bilingualism and bilingual education; Literacy education and multi-literacies; Language policy, language politics and language planning.
Collette Tayler
Collette Tayler
Professor and  Chair in Early Childhood Education and Care in the Melbourne Graduate School of Education
Engaged in 2008 INEI Conference
Research Interests: The ways that social, family and educational policies and practices affect early childhood education and care outcomes; Access and engagement by children, families and communities; Public and private investments; Program standards, quality and effectiveness; The curriculum and pedagogy applied in different services; Leadership and staff engagement; Child and family involvement; Different ECEC program types and human and social capital trajectories
Professor of Post-Compulsory Education and Training
Engaged in 2012 INEI Conference
Research Interests: Education policy, administration and management; Sociology of education; Comparative education; curriculum; Student outcomes – gender, socioeconomic, regional and cultural differences; Vocational education and training; History of public schooling