Leadership in the learning society


The topic of the second issue of Education Alliance Quarterly is leadership in the learning society. Read interviews with leading experts about classroom leadership, young people’s well-being, moral leadership, university management, and more.

Education Alliance Quarterly, Vol. 2, January/February 2009
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Editorial: The leader must be the joker

According to Dean Lars Qvortrup, the leader can only identify the learning needs of the organisation and exceed the organisation’s knowledge horizon by standing outside the organisation.


The keys to success in leadership

According to the experts you will meet in this issue, the following key words describe a successful leader in the 21st century.


Vox pop: Can leadership be taught?


Schools are stuck in the past

Professor Johanna Wyn calls for educational leaders to take more responsibility for young people’s well-being and to rethink the schools’ efforts.


Q&A: Leadership gets too much attention

Leadership expert Kenneth Leithwood explains why leadership is both overestimated and a key factor for a school’s success.


The retirement boom can lead to better schools

OECD’s Director for Education Barbara Ischinger on developing a new generation of school leaders – more inspired by Microsoft and Google than by the bureaucratic models of the 20th century.


Q&A: Barbara Ischinger in why school leadership is key

Why is school leadership such a big issue? Is school leadership in a bad state? OECD’s Director for Education Barbara Ischinger answers questions on school leadership.


Wanted: Leaders with confidence and street credibility

Two researchers at the Danish School of Education outline the new and softer management styles emerging in the classroom.


Learn management from the universities

University management has become an important alternative to the simplistic solutions found in airport literature. Sir David Watson is interviewed on university management’s new and prominent status.


Lighting the torch

Singapore’s Leaders in Education Programme challenges conventional understandings in the search for an adequate response to ever-increasing complexity. Associate Professor David Ngo explains how to develop tomorrow’s leaders in education.


Why the world needs moral leaders

The educational system plays a huge role in developing the moral leaders of tomorrow. Quarterly takes a closer look at diversity in South Africa’s schools, at the young generation in China, and at the making of moral leaders with both a global and local mindset.


Q&A: Moral leaders in the making

Dr Joan Dassin and Dr Fulvia Rosemberg explain how the Ford Foundation International Fellowships Program has an impact on social justice and contributes to ‘brain gain’.


The world’s first think tank on education

The International Alliance of Leading Education Institutes  (IALEI) is the world’s first global think tank on education.