‘Access to Higher Education’, Theme 2013

‘Access to Higher Education’ is the title of the current joint IALEI research project. It is headed by the Chair of IALEI 2012/2013, the Faculty of Education, Beijing Normal University, Peoples Republic of China. Higher Education access policies take on multiple models, from the strictest national unified test to total open access. Countries with low rates of participation in Higher Education seek to expand access by increasing the number of opportunities available, while those countries that have already achieved a significant level of participation tend to focus on broadening access, so as to include more under-represented groups. There are many reasons why some countries may focus on one aspect rather than the other or why some countries feel the need to meet both challenges simultaneously. Over time, however, paying attention to both is becoming important for all.

The international IALEI conference on ‘Access to Higher Education’ will take place in Beijing 3 October – 2 November 2013. Read more here.

‘Educational Disadvantage’ Theme 2012

Educational disadvantage takes many different forms, but globally is a major barrier to the well-being of individuals and communities and the prosperity of nations.

University schools of education are uniquely placed to contribute to the twin tasks of understanding and overcoming educational disadvantage.  Broadly there are three ways in which they perform these tasks:

(1) research into the origins of disadvantage,

(2) the education of teachers to work in disadvantaged settings, and

(3) policy development through independent and critical studies and through government-commissioned research.

Professor Richard Teese, Melbourne Graduate School of Education, The University of Melbourne, lead the joint IALEI research theme 2011/2012. Read more here.

‘Knowledge Mobilisation’ Theme 2011

The term `knowledge mobilisation´is one of a number of terms used to describe the processes through which research influences policy and practice. There has been a huge expansion of interest in this issue around the world, on the part of universities, research funding agencies, governments, and other education partners. Knowledge mobilisation was discussed at a symposium on 14 June and at IALEI’s international conference on 15 June 2011, to which international politicians, research partners and relevant stakeholders were invited.Read more here.

‘Multicultural Education’ Theme 2010

The IALEI conference on `Multicultural Education´was held in October 2010 at the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. Download the joint research report. Read morehere

‘Education for Sustainable Development’ Theme 2009

Can education change the climate? In August 2009, the Alliance partners met at Seoul National University in South Korea and discussed the results of the cross-national analysis. The recommendations based on that meeting, were presented at a press conference at the Danish School of Education, in connection with the Copenhagen Climate Change Summit, December 2009.

‘Teacher Education’ Theme 2008

Watch the international conference at the Danish School of Education, Aarhus University, Copenhagen, August 2008, study the recommendations or read more about the theme here: