Global Higher Education Master’s Degree Program

Program Philosophy

Globalization is now a signature feature of the landscape of the twenty-first century. In turn, higher and postsecondary education institutions need to prepare leaders and policymakers across the globe for this rapidly changing world. The professional Master of Science degree in Global Higher Education will prepare individuals with the capacities for inquiry, critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills that will enable them to engage in educational innovations, as leaders and as policymakers, on a regional, national, and international scale.

Program at a Glance

  • Length of Study: 3 semesters

  • Course requirement: 30 credits at the graduate level

  • Application deadlines: March 1 (for international and domestic students) and July 1 (for domestic students only)

  • Program starts Fall Semester each year

Unique Strengths of the Program

  • Emphasis on educational innovation from global perspectives

  • An intensive, innovative cohort program

  • A dynamic, intercultural, and collaborative learning community

  • Individual attention throughout the program

  • Embedded internship to gain hands-on experiences

Cohort Program

Global Higher Education Master of Science Program (GHE) is a cohort program. You and your cohort will engage in a set sequence of courses together. In this way, your group will form a dynamic, interactive, and collaborative learning community. With its emphasis on educational innovation from global perspectives, the cohort format will provide you a daily platform for exchanging ideas and sharing expertise as well as experiences regarding current and critical issues in Global Higher Education.

Course Sequence

Fall Semester

  • Internationalization of Higher Education

  • Introduction to Higher and Postsecondary Education

  • Research Methods & Procedures in Educational Administration

Spring Semester

  • The Political Economy of Globalization in Higher Education

  • Assessment in Higher Education

  • Academic Programs in Colleges and Universities

  • Field Experience (Internship)

Summer Semester

  • Special Topics on Global Higher Education

  • Advanced Special Topics Seminar on Higher Education

  • Student Services in Higher Education

  • Globalization and Higher Education (capstone)

Departmental admission requirements and application process.

Graduate School admission requirements

Tuition and fees.

Graduate Credit Requirements. (pertaining to items listed below)

  • minimum graduate residence credit requirement

  • minimum graduate degree credit requirement

  • minimum graduate course work (50%) requirement

  • maximum credits per term

  • prior course work requirement