Structure of NIE

The NIE is organised on a programme-driven matrix system with 12 Academic Groups.

Academic Staff

There are approximately 360 academic staff members; 81% of NIE academic staff holds PhDs, 17% Master’s degree holders and 2% Bachelor’s degree holders or holders of professional qualifications (as at Jul 2018).

Student Population

NIE student enrolment for undergraduate, higher degrees and leadership programmes stands at 3,851 (as at Feb 2018).

Teacher Education and Undergraduate Studies

NIE programmes provide academic and professional development for students to become effective beginning teachers in schools. Our programmes include:

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Graduate Studies and Professional Learning

In addition to offering programmes for beginning teachers in schools, NIE also caters to teachers who wish to enhance their competence and knowledge as they strive to meet the new and changing demands of their career through the following programmes:

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Office of Education Research

The Office of Education Research (OER) was established in 2008 to lead efforts to spearhead programmes grounded in the principles of advancing research, development and innovation at NIE. OER provides the expertise, resources and support systems needed to produce high-quality education research that has impact on policy and practice.

It oversees the governance, monitoring, quality assurance and dissemination of education research in NIE.

OER is also dedicated to serving faculty interests by providing grant opportunities for faculty members. It administers the Education Research Funding Programme (ERFP), a pool of research funds supported by the Ministry of Education (MOE), Singapore.

Director Christine Goh