Download PowerPoint presentations 2008

Download PowerPoint presentations from the IALEI conference 18 August 2008:

Lee Sing Kong, Singapore: Transforming 21st century teacher education – A report commissioned by IALEI

Zeng Xiaodong, China: The need to attract students with better entrance qualifications

Ken Zeichner, USA: Redefining teacher professionalism in the USA

Lars Qvortrup, Denmark: New partnerships

Jane Gaskell, Canada: Jane_Gaskell_Teacher_professionalism_the_Canadian_case

Sonia Penin, Brazil: The teaching issue in Brazil – An innovative pathway in recruitment and in teacher training programme

Steven Tan, Singapore: The need to attract teachers with better entrance qualifications in Singapore

Chris Husbands, UK: Partnership and teacher education – The challenge of scale

Cho Youngdal, South Korea: Innovations in Teacher Education – The Development of Korean Education through a New System for Colleges of Education

Christine Ure, Australia: Partnerships in teacher education