Presentations from the international conference on 24 August 2012

Australia, Melbourne Graduate School of Education, University of Melbourne

Dean of Educaton, Professor Field Rickards: “Educating Teachers,Transforming Schools, Ending Disadvantage”

Professor John Hattie:“Preparing teachers for transforming schools. A research perspective”

Professor Julie McLeod: “The historical construction of educational disadvantage: the case of gender equality”

Brazil, Faculty of Education, University of Sao Paulo

Professor Leny Mrech: “Formation of Teachers and Programs Targeting Disadvantaged Communities”

Canada, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto

Professor Jim Cummins (upload will soon be available)

China, School of Education, Beijing Normal University

Professor Du Yuhong: “Improving the Achievement of the Disadvantaged Students:Evidence from BEWAP”

Denmark, Department of Education, Aarhus University

Professor Bente Jensen:“Tackling Disadvantage in Daycare, School and Vocational Education Systems”

South Africa, School of Education, University of Cape Town

Professor Pam Christie: “Space, place and the postcolonial map: Education and inequality in South Africa”

Korea, College of Education, Seoul National University

Professor Heemin Kim: “Relative Social Access to the Best Universities in High-Performing Korea”

Singapore, National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University

Associate Professor Levan Lim and Associate Professor Kenneth Poon: “Narrowing the Gap of Educationally Disadvantaged Students in Singapore: The case of students with special educational needs”

UK, Institute of Education, University of London

Professor Lynne Rogers: “How do we prepare teachers for work in disadvantaged schools? A UK perspective”

USA, School of Education, University of Wisconsin Madison

Professor Carl A. Grant and Ph.D. student Alexandra Allweiss: 2012_GrantAllweiss__Wisconsin